The Samhla Collection

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  • Bladnoch Vinaya

    Matured in a unique combination of 1st fill Bourbon and 1st fill Sherry casks for notes of fresh apple, sweet floral grass and hints of chocolate.
    $69.00 USD
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  • Bladnoch Samsara

    Samsara, meaning ‘rebirth’, is a full-bodied and fragrant blend of malts matured in ex Bourbon and ex Californian red wine casks
    $74.99 USD
  • Bladnoch 10 Year Old

    Matured in hand selected ex Bourbon casks for 10 years to impart a sweet, spicy flavour.
    $64.99 USD
  • Bladnoch 11 Year Old 2021 Release

    Award-winning Single Malt matured exclusively in ex-Bourbon casks for a refreshing, floral expression.
  • Bladnoch 14 Year Old 2021 Release

    The Bladnoch 14 Year Old is aged exclusively in Oloroso Sherry casks.
  • Bladnoch Adela 15 Year Old

    The name Adela comes from the Latin‘rich and noble’, signifying the depth of this special Whisky that has been matured in ex Oloroso Sherry casks.
    $136.99 USD
  • Bladnoch 17 Year Old

    Originally filled into ex Bourbon casks in 2001, our Bladnoch 17 Year Old was disgorged and re-filled into red wine casks for vibrant, complex flavours.
    $107.99 USD
  • Bladnoch Talia 25 Year Old

    Silky and spicy, this Bladnoch expression is finished in new oak casks and bottled at natural cask strength after 25 years.
    $571.99 USD
  • Pure Scot Signature

    Inspired by 200 years of rich heritage from Bladnoch Distillery, Pure Scot blend is our fresh take on Whisky.
    $39.99 USD
  • Pure Scot Virgin Oak

    Our award-winning Blended Scotch Whisky finished in virgin oak barrels for a spicy, sweet flavour.
    $49.99 USD

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